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  • Ball position is undisturbed during installation as internal sub assembly is held by Seat Support.
  • Both upstream and downstream sides are provided with safety parts making the valve true union.
  • Self lubricating Teflon Seats.
  • Minimum pressure loss. Thanks to Full port design.
  • Unique Ball design. Minimum operating torque.
  • Blow-out proof stem.
  • Better sealing by adjustable seat support resulting minimum torque on the handle.
  • Ergonomically designed ABS handle for easy operation and long life.
  • Premium Quality EPDM seals for Heavy duty and Extreme service conditions in the field.
  • Socket, Threaded and Flanged End Connections.
  • Rotatable flange for the easy alignment with opposite flange.
Material of Construction
Item no Component Name Material
1 Handle ABS
2 Seat Support O ring EPDM
3 Seat Support PP
4 Ball PP
5 Body PP
6 Seat PTFE
Item no Component Name Material
7 Union Nut PP
8 End Connector PVC/PP
9 Seat O Ring EPDM
10 End O ring EPDM
11 Stem PP