Our Promise To You

Since 2002, Quality , Performance and trust have been at the centre of ravands

Building Quality into Every Product at Every Stage

Quality That Matters

We at Ravands make an intentional choice to excel at everything day in and day out. All of Ravands employees are personally responsible for quality for their respective works and because most quality problems emerge from poor process, we at Ravands are continuously improving and creating effective methods of Quality control. By establishing and maintaining suitable metrics and build quality into every product that we manufacture. In a nut shell, its who we were, its who we are and its who we will be.

What Does it mean for you?

When you choose Ravands, You are investing in high quality and performance oriented products that are built to last for years of reliable service. We work in tandem with Farmers, Irrigation Companies, Government and educational institutions to understand about practices that are being implemented in the field and then we improve the performance of the products leaps and bounds by implementing revolutionary concepts in design and manufacturing processes. So, its quality all the way.

Our Goal is to exceed your expectations of Reliability, Performance and Longevity in each product Every day

Every Product, Any Condition , Any Time

Performance That Matters

Innovation is always a driving force at Ravands. From early days we have never backed out from introducing revolutionary products. Our obsession with delivering innovative and robust products that perform at the highest levels has been core soul at Ravands. We systematically design each and every product with inputs from various organisations and teams. The only thing that’s changed is the tenacity and panache at which the innovation occurs.

What Does it mean for you?

For Ravands farmers and customers we promise products that perform. Our focus on innovative products that lead the irrigation industry with pioneering design, advanced features, Easy maintenance, high performance and un paralleled reliability.

Experience Ravands Performance
Every Farmer , Every Customer , Every Time

Trust That Matters

Ravands believes to serve every customer in the same spirit. Transparency and Trust have always been the building blocks of the company. We have centred our purpose around collaboration ,partnerships and service its trust that matters not transactions.

What Does it mean for you?

For over 20 years we have never lost a existing customer or farmer. We Always a team ready to pursue and understand your requirements. We Strive for every Farmer ,Every customer every time.

Experience Ravands Trust


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