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A Modern Way Farming with Ravands

Preserving Precious resource with unique products and designs

Ravands offer an innovative water management solution to prevent emitters from clogging, for uniform water distribution and long life An essential system for high production yield and profitable farming, Ravand's superior quality irrigation products are durable and ensure water flow without any wreckage.

Ravands ushered the "Age-Plastic" with the high-quality plastics products in Indian Agriculture. Lightweight, easy to handle and durable plastic products are made with intense scientific research. These plastic products are made of superior qualities that have a more negligible effect on atmospheric changes or moisture. Proven on-field by serving our beloved farming community, Ravands products come with unparallel quality.

Equipped with intelligent solutions and backed with intensive research, Ravand's irrigation products ensure higher yield in the long run and low cost, easy farming without the anxiety of buying irrigation products every year.




Installed on a small area to provide a constant supply of water to the lawn and plants, these systems come along with the timer to supply water automatically regardless of the presence of humans.

We offer you a design suitable for your peculiar garden and plant requirements where you can set up a required irrigation system for your small garden with Ravands products and ensure a higher yield than before.

Do it Yourself Products

The do it yourself kits are designed to provide required flexibility within the design suitable to meet the customers' requirements. Ravands offers advanced components like NRV, sand filters, air valves, ball valves and other items made up of high-quality plastic. Additional components can be installed based on your requirements and water flow management design.


We are preserving agriculture with unique products and designs. Greenhouses are built to provide a proper growth environment for the crops. The poly house sheet offers protection against wind and rain combined with moisture retainment. Similarly, the shade net maintains a perfect temperature within the greenhouse. By using Ravands products, the quality of operation and maintenance would be drastically easy. Perfect for hot sunny weather and moisture or rainy days, these tools stand unaffected and come with five years warranty.

Water filtration systems and Recycling

A water filtration system recycling system treats wastewater and reuses it in agriculture and other processes. It removes the contaminants from the wastewater and harvests them in irrigation. This system allows you to utilize the wastewater from your home and saltwater for irrigation purposes. At Ravands offer you a chance to experience the product with unbeatable standards. Products in their DNA, have the knowledge about water are made for filtration systems tailored to meet the requirements of the farmers based upon their water quality and salt content.

Features that ensures our high performance:

  • Customizable System
  • Free of wear and tear due to harsh weather conditions
  • five years warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Innovative and intelligent solution backed by extensive scientific research


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