Non return valve

Non return valve

The Non return valve you can trust for Years of unparalleled Reliability

The Ravands Double union Non return Valve is unrivalled in industry be its, excellent seating ability due to specially designed seal with seat support, fully circular moulded ball to roll with less friction , Easiness to operate and install in vertical or horizontal positions. It is Simply Unmatched

Proudly made in India, the Ravands Non return valve is easy and quick to install in either vertical or horizontal positions allowing the user absolute freedom in Control of water. It’s a true union Non return valve that meets harsh and unpredictable field Requirements

Full Bore with smart design of the seal ensures minimum pressure loss.

Special Seal design with line contact makes the sealing at low pressures

Ball travel is minimum resulting in quick action.

Both upstream and downstream sides are provided with safety parts making the valve True Union for easy maintenance of valve
Option of dismounting downstream pipes with the valve in the closed position by special Seat Support design.

Non return valve


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