Throttle Valve

Throttle Valve

The product of many firsts in Agriculture Industry , The original throttling Master

The Ravands Throttle valve is build with the best in class materials. The product of many firsts in Indian agriculture industry. Visual Indicator for precise control of Throttling, Non rising Heavy duty stem with moulded core , streamlined seating area and full port design with self-flushing capability .It’s a farmer favourite all the way. It’s a hands down farmer favourite.

Proudly made in India, Ravands throttle valve is ready for any type of harsh and unpredictable field conditions. Rest Assured Ravands throttle always exceeds expectation in performance

Minimum operating torque by floating ball design with mirror surface finish

Self Lubricating engineering polymer seats backed by dynamic seals.

Minimum pressure loss. Thanks to Full port design.

Both upstream and downstream sides are provided with safety parts making the valve True Union for easy maintenance of valve Option of dismounting downstream pipes with the valve in the closed position by special Seat Support design.

Ball position is undisturbed during installation as internal sub assembly is held by Seat Support.

Throttle Valve


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